Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pork Chop Comparison, Increased Meat Consumption

A customer recently bought some pork chops from me. They were from our year-old Berkshire hogs. She cooked them side-by-side with some pork chops from Costco, to see if ours were really worth the price.

Costco is supposed to have good stuff - but they don't have pork from year-old free-range Berkshire hogs, finished on barley and hay.

She said she browned them each (in separate pans), then put them in the oven for 40 minutes at 320F. In comparison to ours, the Costco ones were mushy, "flat" tasting and bland. "Greyed out" was how she described the Costco product. She and her husband tasted a few bites of each porkchop, but in the end, they threw away the Costco pork chops.

I thought that was pretty extreme.

She was also really grateful for some pork fat I sold her, which she said produced fantastically white lard. She says the stuff from the store has a nasty waxy texture, which probably comes from the hydrogenation.

I bumped into another customer today, who told me that since he got his order of our pork, he's been eating it nearly every day - e.g. bacon and sausage for breakfast, ham in his ham sandwiches, etc. He especially liked the jowl bacon.

It has been great to sell these people pork and get immediate and positive feedback.


boberica said...

Hi Heath,
I guess I didn't realize you were selling pieced out cuts and lard. Is that a one off, or is there more available?

Heath said...

I've got enough USDA product now that I'm selling it at farmers markets.

There's more available.

What are you interested in?

boberica said...

Cheeks and/or jowls, trotters, fatback, lard...pieces for curing or pickling, I'm in Portland though, how big a problem is that?

Kevin Kossowan said...

AGH, you guys are killing me! I WISH I could hook myself up. One disadvantage to the international scope of the blogosphere.

Ed Bruske said...

I just can't imagine cooking a pork chop at 320 degrees for 40 minutes and not killing it.

pischke said...

Ditto what Kevin said. I'm just across the border (Canadian) in Vancouver, but may as well be the other side of the world when it comes to importing large quantities of meat. Oh well, I can always read and drool...


Anonymous said...





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