Friday, March 14, 2008

Mangalitsa At Monsoon - Comment From Customer

Monsoon - Eric Banh's restaurant has been serving Mangalitsa for about a week now.

Monsoon is the first restaurant to put Mangalitsa on the menu. Having Mangalitsa on Monsoon's menu allows us to expose people to it who might otherwise not know about it.

I got a nice email today from someone who ate there:
I just ate my first Mangalitsa pork tonight at Monsoon, and was blown away. Truly amazing flavor and texture. It was a revelation, like Bourdain talks about. I've used pork fat in a lot of ways, and loved it, but I never really understood what my Garde Manger chef was really talking about until I tasted the fat on that pork butt.

I'm about to graduate culinary school, and am working the pantry station at a restaurant called in Seattle. I look forward to buying some of your pork to work with at home, and will definitely be making a trip to the Farmer's Market this weekend.

I'm also hoping that next fall, I can buy some jowls from you to smoke for uncured bacon (I love to do my own smoking, and finally have the space for my own set up).

Really, I just wanted to know how wonderful I think your pork is.
That's very nice! My own experience of eating Mangalitsa was quite similar.

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