Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pigs in the City

Zuzana Putnam with the Herbfarm's newest pigs.

The Herbfarm just bought some more pigs, as did Red Mountain Mangalitsa.

Although the Herbfarm didn't buy as many pigs as Red Mountain Mangalitsa, They are staying a while in my urban apartment, which makes things very interesting. They are staying at my place because having picked up the pigs from the farm in Eastern Washington, I couldn't deliver them to the Herbfarm's farm directly - as they just aren't ready. But soon enough the pigs will be in Woodinville, joining the Herbfarm's other pigs that they bought from us.

Not having a farm to put them near Woodinville, I figured I'd just keep them in my apartment's bathtub for a day. If nothing else, it would be fun.

I called my wife before I brought home the pigs, so she'd know what to expect. She seemed horrified at first. We don't have any pets. When I got home, she was actually eager to see the piggies, and she enjoyed watching them in the bathroom.

The pigs came out of a pen with other pigs of the same age. Although they only had a few clumps of feces on them, they absolutely reeked. As soon as we got them out of the kennel, I bathed them and washed out the kennel. Then I killed the 30 or so flies that had hitched a ride in the dog kennel I used to transport them.

This experience reminded me of how whenever the topic of pigs comes up, some ignorant person mentions that "actually pigs are very clean." My friend and I joke, "yes, they are clean. It is just the shit and piss all over them that gives people the wrong idea."

In order to allow the pigs to eat and drink freely, I brought feed and water from the farm. Strange water that smells different than what they are used to can make them balk at drinking.

We immediately took a liking to the bigger pig. He's less stressed and seems more friendly. The smaller pig seems scatterbrained.

The pigs ate a bit:

Then the pigs slept:

Wednesday morning, the piggies should be in Woodinville, living the good life. Many months from now, people will pay a fortune to eat the flesh of these cute piggies.

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