Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pig Behavior

My wife and I visited the Herbfarm's pigs recently. Although some of them are very tame, a few of them bite. You can see that in this video - one pig was flopping over, when the biggest pig came over and bit me:

The pig that bit likes to get scratched, so I don't think he dislikes me entirely. Perhaps he was jealous, or just didn't like my hand in his pen (unless it was scratching him).

Watching the video, it seems clear that he tried to bite and rip me as hard as he could, which really makes me and my wife laugh when we watch it. I've got a bruise on my arm (5 days later) that shows the outlines of his teeth.

Pigs fighting:

We made some other videos. It is obvious that the Mangalitsa-Berkshire cross pigs have grown very fast. They aren't looking very small anymore.

Mangalitsa-Berkshire pigs eating:

Pigs stealing food from each other: