Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Feedback From Seth Caswell at Stumbling Goat

Although the hogs just got delivered this morning, Seth Caswell of The Stumbling Goat Bistro says that the fat from our Berkshire hogs is whiter & creamier than the hogs he's bought from other folks. He hasn't cooked it or tasted it yet - but that's the sort of thing you can see. He also said the fat on the shoulder was nearly 3 inches thick.

That's no surprise. Having studied how to fatten pigs inAustria, we know how to produce hogs with excellent fat.

If you do anything differently than we do, you'll probably not get fat as good as ours. Go ahead and feed them organic feed - but if you feed them the wrong stuff, you'll ruin the fat. Just ask Mr. Gasser (pictured above).


Walter Jeffries said...

The whiter creamier fat is likely due to your pigs not eating a corn diet. Our pigs, which are not the same breed as yours, also elicit the same comments. Several chef's have told us that it is because we pasture the pigs and don't feed commercial hog feed or corn. They say that the corn yellows the fat and makes it more likely to go rancid.

Heath said...

Not feeding corn is part of it - but you can always ruin the fat of the pigs by feeding them high-PUFA stuff like rapeseed oil, whole soybeans, etc. Any PUFA is bad news.

Additionally, some non-corn diets are better than others. Mangalitsa breeders will tell you that 90%-10% barley-rye produces better fat than straight barley.

Finally, breed can be critically important. As this study showed, feeding the pigs differently didn't overcome the influence of breed.

You can feed a lard-type hog a low-MUFA diet, and it will still be higher in MUFA than normal pigs fed a high-MUFA diet.

That's why I imported the Mangalitsa - it produces better meat and fat than normal pigs - due to genetics. The Wagyu cattle are the same; they produce superior fat than normal cattle - and they are raised in pens, not free-range conditions.

To get a really fat pig with the best fat quality, Mangalitsa breeders say you have to pen it, or it will get skinny from running around. This this Mangalitsa, with amazingly copious and high-quality fat, was fattened intensively, on a very special (and secret) finishing diet.

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