Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Planet Organics and Wooly Pigs Shoulder Bacon

If you are lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, you can have
our (Wooly Pigs) Berkshire shoulder bacon delivered to your
doorstep - by Planet Organics.

Shoulder bacon is a fairly exotic product in the Bay Area -
and ours is even more unusual, because of the care we take to
produce the best raw material for making shoulder bacon (and
other cured products).

Part of importing the Mangalitsa was learning how Austrians
raise hogs in order to produce the best cured products.
  • The breed, Berkshire, produces better meat and fat than typical hogs.
  • They are about a year old. That's double the age of normal hogs. Older hogs taste meatier and have much nicer fat than younger hogs.
  • The finishing diet, barley, wheat and hay, produces better fat than the standard corn/soy diet. All the cured products taste better as a result.

Shoulder bacon is a wet cured, smoked hog shoulder. It is a very
meaty product, and very convenient to use in the kitchen.

Planet Organics has a small amount of this stuff. If you live in
the Bay Area and like good cured meat, I urge you to order some
from planetorganics.com.


Anonymous said...

wow, an entire blog about pigs and bacon. this is heaven for me.

Austin Maloney said...

Wow I'm getting hungry.

VillieMaNillie said...

wait. i dont understand...is it a pig who's convinced hes a lamb?

Click Here To See It said...

Wheres the Beef?

Particle said...

hi, that is sure a bloody site you have... i like meet a lot, wish you could send me some your fresh meat. he he he. have a good day!

Caitlin said...

We ordered a pound of your shoulder bacon in our Planet Organics box last week, and we loved it! It has the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness, and it's cut thick enough to stay nice and chewy after it's cooked. It makes me happy :)

Thank you for giving people in the Bay Area a chance to enjoy your product. I've emailed Planet Organics to request that they continue to stock your bacon. Thanks, and good luck with your farm!

Heath said...


I'm happy you liked the shoulder bacon!

I'm hoping that at some point they'll also want to take our bacon and jowl bacon.

Anonymous said...

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