Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Two Great Pig Books

There's a new pig book out that includes hard to find info on raising pigs outdoors: "Dirt Hog", by Kelly Klober.

For a historical perspective on raising pigs, "Harris on the Pig" is the best. Harris's first edition appeared in 1870. He was an incredible biologist. One of my favorite parts read:
Of the desirable qualities in a pig, therefore, a vigorous appetite is of the first importance. A hog that will not eat, is of no more use than a mill that will not grind. And it is undoubtedly true that the more a pig will eat in proportion to its size, provided he can digest and assimilate it, the more profitable he will prove.


www.stlbites.com said...

thanks as always for the info...they were promptly bought. I think my wife is sufficiently scared that I'm going to want to quit my job and raise hogs at this point.

Heath said...

Very funny!

When you read Harris, please keep in mind that the hogs they had back then were quite different from the modern breeds. There's the same phenomenon with ag books from the 1970s.

As you live in Missouri, you might be able to visit Klober and see his operation.

www.stlbites.com said...

Yeah, I noticed they were in MO when I bought the book so I'll definitely add it to my list of farmers to hastle.

Anonymous said...





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