Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brad Mohr's Mangalitsa Roast

Photo by Brad Mohr

Bard Mohr just wrote about his Mangalitsa roast. The photo above is his. It is great to read stuff like:
It was the most amazing and unique pork I've ever tasted. Rich and flavorful in an almost beefy sort of way. Even the juiciest, best-prepared roast pork often has a very firm cardboardy texture. This had none of that. And that fat! I should mention that I've never been one to blindly chow down on fat; I'll trim away even a thin band of fat from my meat before it goes in my mouth. But this stuff was completely different. It was light and almost airy; soft enough to spread (say, in place of butter on a nice hunk of crusty bread). And the outermost layer was salty and crispy and smokey.

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