Thursday, June 5, 2008

Foodies Sing about Mangalitsa (and the Price)

We never expected Americans would be singing about Mangalitsa so soon, but it has already happened. Journalists are literally singing about Mangalitsa.

The Mangalitsa they tried was at Monsoon - the Seattle-area restaurant that has served the most Mangalitsa to date.

One interesting point - we haven't heard people complain about the price of the fatty Mangalitsa cuts. People who buy and eat the Mangalitsa belly or jowls at $25/lb have yet to complain.
Nancy Leson ate the belly, so it didn't surprise us that she liked it.

This month there's a page about Mangalitsa belly in "Seattle Metropolitan" (June issue, p. 131) by Jess Thompson. There's a description of the pig and a recipe. Jess and her friends absolutely loved the fatty cuts.

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