Friday, June 6, 2008

Iberian Ham Cocktail

I read about an interesting Iberian ham cocktail here.

Here is the original recipe.

It is astounding what people come up with.

I talked today with a chef who got one of our pigs. He said they took the fat and used a pacojet on it to make a spread, which was very popular with people. I understand that Keith Luce (of the Herb and Pig Farm) likewise served our pigs' fat as a spread.

I think it is great that our fat quality is so high that people utilize it that way. It has taken about a century, but finally, lard is making a comeback in fancy restaurants.


cuisinier said...

Hi Heath, that chef was me! I just posted a piece about the wooly pig celebration we did on my blog at The dinner was awesoem and extremely tasty! Very inspirational and I can nto wait to get another hog. I will recommend wooly pigs to anyone who is pasisonate about food and cooking. Best, Bill

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