Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mangalitsa in Austrian Media

It is too lean to be Mangalitsa.

There's a food reviewer raving about how great the Mangalitsa liver and kidney was in a restaurant:
On my last visit came the good news from the kitchen, there are still two servings of Mangalitsa liver and kidney; they were not one the menu. The fried liver with roasted potatoes and whole kidneys wrapped with bacon, plus a surprisingly fruity tasty Dijon mustard: a poem.
Additionally, there's a butcher making good Speck in GroƟweikersdorf (translation). He's won many awards. He's using Mangalitsa, of course.

It was interesting to read that his slaughterhouse only kills animals from less than 15 km (9.3 miles) away, demonstrating again that in Europe, "local" means something different than in America, where 100 miles (more than 10 times the Austrian figure) counts as meaningfully local. He's lucky he's got Mangalitsa so close at hand - Spanish processors, in order to use Mangalitsa, have to truck it 1800 miles.

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