Friday, October 22, 2010

Mangalitsa Around Seattle

Seattle Magazine mentions Mangalitsa pork in its meat issue. It says:
Mangalitsa pork
There are too many notable Mangalitsa pork dishes in town to call out just one, so here’s a round-up of our favorite places where you’ll often find this exceptionally lardy, highly flavorful heritage pork. Though the preparation changes seasonally, you might find it on the menu at Monsoon (glazed with five-spice, $29) Nell’s (grilled chop with gnocchi, rosemary and Swiss chard, $25), or at The Herbfarm (part of a $175–$195 wine-inclusive tasting menu).
It is great to see Mangalitsa pork get some positive press. It even mentions that Mangalitsa is exceptional.

Here's some places in Seattle where you can probably go in* and get some Mangalitsa:
  • Osteria La Spiga (Capitol Hill). There's a neck entree and lardo, either to eat plain or melted around a beef tenderloin.
  • Monsoon Capitol Hill - belly, chop, steak, etc - Monsoon is committed to Mangalitsa pork. Monsoon has a wonderful savory waffle featuring the belly and several meatier dishes - neck steak, pork chop, braised shoulder. Monsoon has used the belly speck in their clam dish.
  • Nell's in Greenlake typically has neck cutlets or loin chops. He also uses the belly speck and jowl speck.
  • Emmer and Rye - Seth has been making hams and rillettes.
Le Gourmand buys sometimes. Serious Pie buys sometimes. Depending on when you go in, Bill the Butcher might or might not have our stuff.

I wish there were more restaurants in Seattle using our stuff - but to my knowledge, that list above is comprehensive.

The stuff has really "taken" a lot better in New York, where Corton, Per Se, Le Cirque and Aureole (those all have michelin stars) regularly serve the stuff. In St. Louis, approximately six places that regularly serve our stuff. In New Orleans the John Besh group (six restaurants) buys a thousand pounds at a time, in addition to keeping a herd of Mangalitsa feeder pigs behind a restaurant (La Provence).

* Due to how they run the restaurant, if you want to eat Mangalitsa as the Herbfarm, you'd better call in and ask if they'll serve it when you'll be there.

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