Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sept 25 & 26 - Mangalitsa Pork Belly Waffle Debuts at Monsoon (SEA)

On September 25 & 26, you'll be able to get a Mangalitsa pork belly waffle at Monsoon on Seattle's Capitol Hill, made with pork from Heath Putnam Farms.

It is a waffle with braised pork belly - essentially, a super-premium version of a McGriddles, a dish that McDonald's invented for breakfast.

By combining salty, sweet, fatty and meaty flavors - there may even be something sour in there - the Mangalitsa pork belly waffle delivers extraordinary satisfaction.

Chef Josh at Monsoon woke up from a dream with the idea of a pork belly waffle.*

He first executed it with their non-Mangalitsa pork. I delivered some Mangalitsa the day they debuted it, and there was a receipt from a table where four of four guests had ordered it, leaving a note like, "best idea ever! Really, we are serious!"

Ever since then, I've been angling to get a Mangalitsa pork belly waffle at Monsoon, and it's finally happening - September 25 & 26.

I've been pushing and pushing for this because I want to be able to eat the thing - and I know it will be a hit with people. Monsoon already has fantastic waffles, thanks to some culinary collaboration between Eric Banh and William Belikis. The thought of adding Mangalitsa pork belly to those waffles is just too much.

* Perhaps he ate a few McGriddles and then took a nap.

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