Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lard Customer

Athlete B holding five pounds of lard.

Here's a photo of an amateur endurance athlete* who lives on Mangalitsa lard and other animal fats, including butter.

Let's call him B.

His diet, exercise and physical stats have been constant for at least several months: he weighs 145# and is 5'10". He eats protein - typically eggs, fatty fish or meat - with every meal. He eats no grains at all: no wheat, rice, rye, barley, etc. His carbs are sweet potatoes and potatoes, which he eats pretty much every day.** He runs aproximately 50 miles a week.

He's a big fan of Robb Wolf and Kurt Harris.

Unlike the typical paleo eaters I know, he's not doing CrossFit or resistance training. Nevertheless, he's fit, eating lots and lots of Mangalitsa fat, healthy and happy.

* Here's another one - a real beast.

** Eating his carbs that way allows him to get carbs without eating gluten. He says self-experimentation has taught him that he does best without grains.

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