Monday, August 15, 2011

WOD Fest - Seattle August 20

Jake Platt, owner of 3 Seattle-area CrossFit gyms,
enjoying Mangalitsa lardo.

Besides foodies, paleo/primal eaters (like Jake Platt, pictured above) love Mangalitsa. As I've explained before in this blog, to save the Swallow-Bellied Mangalitsa breed, we need extra-healthy and attractive people eating lots of Mangalitsa fat.

Hence, CrossFitters may ultimately help to save Mangalitsa pigs in the USA: many of look great and eat paleo/primal. In general, even if they don't eat paleo, they will eat fatty meat.*

Therefore, Heath Putnam Farms will be providing Mangalitsa to WOD Fest Seattle.

As the WODFest site explains:
WODFest is a CrossFit competition for all levels; test your metal against the best of the best in the Firebreather division, or if you do Prescribed weights compete in the RXed division, and if your a Master (35+ every 5 years) compete against athletes your own age in the Masters division(s).
Besides jowl bacon (for cooking up some starch, likely sweet potatoes), there'll be Mangalitsa belly and some meatier cuts.

Meal planning was interesting: we've got to feed a lot of people. I figure sweet potatoes or yams are the obvious way to leverage fatty stuff like jowl bacon, because Mangalitsa fat plus carbs is a winner. People on a paleo diet typically vacuum that stuff up.

Mike Porter (WOD Fest organizer) is a bit dubious about the belly, but my experience (see the video below) says it will get eaten. Of course, any lean Mangalitsa is going to get eaten; with Mangalitsa pigs, there's never enough lean meat, because its quality is off the chart.

Here's some paleo eaters enjoying a Mangalitsa belly:

*Vegetarian girls who do yoga, even if they look good in yoga pants, aren't going to save the Swallow-Bellied Mangalitsa breed. We need thriving people who love high-quality animal fat.

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