Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WOD Fest Planning

WOD Fest's Mike Porter with our Mangalitsa products.

I met with Mike Porter and supplied him with the products for this Saturday's WOD Fest.

He's got belly, ham, cheeks and bacon*. He'll use some of the excess fat to prepare tubers and other vegetables. WOD Fest Volunteers and judges will eat excellently.

Before I met with Mike, I met with Aaron Matson of Bellingham's Copper Hog. Aaron uses our Mangalitsa, both at the Copper Hog and events like the recent Burning Beast.

I asked Aaron how Mike should go about things. He quickly laid out a cooking plan, which will hopefully allow Mike to do well while keeping stress low.

Eating Mangalitsa lardo while planning global domination.

I like meeting people who make things happen; not many people are able to put their stamp on the world. The neatest thing about being in the Mangalitsa business is meeting innovators.

* cured loin. Typical bacon would be cured pork belly.

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