Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Robb Wolf on Bacon and Paleo Diet

Jake Platt, owner of three CrossFit gyms eating Mangalitsa lardo.

In a recent podcast (from 10:53 on), Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution, addresses the issue of whether or not people should eat bacon.

From what I've seen, a very small number paleo dieters avoid farmed animals and salt, figuring that Stone Age humans didn't eat that way.

Many paleo dieters I know use bacon as a staple fat. When people cut out dairy and vegetable oils, you see people heavily relying on things like coconut cream or bacon or lard.

Robb sounds generally pro-bacon, which is good (because it means he can enjoy Mangalitsa products) - as so many CrossFitters do.

My own Mangalitsa-based program (cyclic low-carb with resistance training) seems to be working.


John K. said...

I've been reading quite a bit about the Paleo diet. I'm seriously thinking about going that way. I have a real issue with carbs -- my biggest weakness, and they tend to make me feel like crap. So why do I crave them so? Staying away from them completely seems to be the way to go.

Heath said...

Fat people crave carbs more than thin people, to an unholy degree. I know; I've been there. It isn't fair.

I've written a bit more about this stuff on my blog

If you just attack the carb-craving stuff, you can probably fix yourself quickly.

E.g. here's one program:

1) Recognize that to make changes, you'll have to suffer for a few weeks/months. If you are willing to substantially reduce the pleasure you get from food, you can make changes very quickly. First you've got to be determined to try it out.

2) Learn some discipline. E.g. eat no carbs six days a week. Eat all the carbs you can stuff in your mouth 1 day a week. I mean that - 9000 kcal if that's what you want - but make sure it is in a 24 hour period. I used to do midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday, sometimes starting and finishing with a pint of ice cream. That gives you six days to learn to say "no" (or "STFU") to your cravings, and one day a week to look forward to. You can actually lose fat on that program, especially if you keep the six-day diet monotonous and do some weight training (I recommend avoiding cardio).

3) After a few months of #2, switch to one sweet potato a day, and one carb blowout (cheat day) per month.

Alternatively, do intermittent fasting (see eat your meals in an 8 hour window. E.g. 9AM to 5PM. No food outside the window. You'll experience hunger regularly. When you experience real hunger, the cravings magically fade into the background.

If you consume insane amounts of caffeine, you'll eventually want to cut that back too. Caffeine raises cortisol, which is catabolic and makes you store fat around your middle.

John K. said...

Thanks for the input Heath. I was doing something similar to suggestion #2 a few years ago, and it worked. I let knee surgery throw me off track. Time to get back on that track!

Curious -- why avoid cardio?

Thanks again.

Heath said...

John - I suggest you check out

Most people that want to get into shape would do well to copy that. Martin explains why cardio is overrated.

My own reasons: if I do cardio, I get really hungry and tend to eat more, without getting a big strength benefit.

The muscles you use aerobically (e.g. a runner's legs) might get a bit stronger (but you could get more direct results via resistance training) while the muscles you don't use aerobically (e.g. your shoulders & face if you run) will probably get smaller/weaker.

Just look at pictures off long distance runners, and then look at pictures of the people. I'd rather be strong and lean.