Saturday, October 29, 2011


I saw an article about a butcher making Mangalitsa products. The article's photo (above) shows him holding up an imposing slab of Bauchspeck (recipe).

It reminds me of "Decision Before Dawn", a film from 60 years ago (the two Germans look like they could be related) - and the fact that fatty bacon is a niche product now, not a staple.

Next week I'll be delivering a bunch of Mangalitsa bacon to Rainier CrossFit.

Today's typical fans of Mangalitsa bacon

CrossFitters like fatty bacon. E.g. Kurtis, owner of Rainier CrossFit, told me that he ate an entire pound of Mangalitsa bacon ends in one sitting, except a small bit that he gave his wife.

When he told me that, I couldn't help but think of bears. Although it is the same with wild boar - the man eats first.

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