Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tecnología del jamón Ibérico

There's a book available for preview via Google Books about how the Spanish make jamon Iberico, starting with things like the pigs, what they eat, why, etc.

The book is called "Tecnología del jamón Ibérico: de los sistemas tradicionales a la explotación"

Here's some neat pictures of the different Iberian breeds. There's also material on fatty acid composition, how they cut their hams and a lot more stuff.

As a cursory glance at the book shows, there's a lot of science to making great cured products. One advantage to knowing the science is that one can avoid entire classes of errors, like trying to produce great hams from pigs with the wrong genetics, feeding them the wrong stuff, making cured products out of young pigs, etc.

The information in this Spanish book is more complete than the stuff in Franz S. Wagner's book. Dr. Wagner keeps it a lot simpler, because his book is primarily for Austrian hobby farmers.

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