Monday, January 2, 2012

Big News


Heath Putnam Farms is in the process of selling its pigs and brands to Mosefund.

There'll be more news about this in the future.

Victory Lap

I'm currently planning a trip to the Wiesner's in Austria. I'll get to learn (finally) how to cut up the pigs. I've cut up a bunch (along these lines), but I've never felt really good at it. By going when they'll be killing a bunch of pigs, I ought to get plenty of practice.

I've wanted to visit the Wiesner's farm for years, but running the business has prevented it. I think I view their farm the way Tolkein portrayed Lothlorien: a place of preservation that is "out of time". Right now, it is my idea of a perfect refuge.

After I come back, before I start my next thing, I'm thinking of doing a quick tour around the USA to visit customers (many of whom I've never met in person). Hopefully I'll be able to show them something.

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