Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Request for Some Hungarian Assistance

There's something in Hungarian about us over here, and I can't read any of it.

Can a Hungarian-speaker please provide a rough idea of what it says?

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Vanda said...

The first paragraph talks about the mangalica (Hungarian spelling) festival. Here is a rough translation of the rest:

"As the story begins, the lives of an American couple, certain Heath and Zuzana Putnam so turned that because of job reasons they had to move to Europe. They first tasted mangalitsa meat in Austria, and they liked it so much that many years later, after moving back to the US they started a pig farm, and decided to raise the hitherto there unknown wooly pig. They put their plan in action, but this happened just recently, the first mangalitsa products went to market just this January. Up till now only a few exclusive restaurants served dishes created with the use of this pork.

We learned this all from the Wooly Pig home page and the positively entertaining blog, full of cute pictures of pigs and lots of text in English. They also mention the Mangalitsa Festival in (Buda)pest, but we don't think too many readers will hop on the plane to join the festivities. Wouldn't you be proud if we finally became famous in the US for our pigs?"