Friday, February 15, 2008

Mangalitsas For the Bay Area

Wooly Pigs is looking for a pork producer in Northern California to raise Mangalitsa pigs. All the information is here.

If you know a potential pork producer in Northern California that might be interested in raising Mangalitsas, please refer them to the relevant information!

Raising Mangalitsa pigs in the Bay Area means your customers will include quality-sensitive customers like The French Laundry. Although it has been an honor to serve them, shipping lots of live piglets to California makes more sense than moving a few chilled carcasses.

What's very exciting for Wooly Pigs is that the California producer may be able to finish the pigs on mast (e.g. acorns and chestnuts) - producing pork better than most of Europe's iberico and Mangalitsa, which many consider to be the best in the world. How this can happen is described here.

Mangalitsa-Berkshire Piglets

Hans, a purebred Mangalitsa boar, has been working hard, so in the next few weeks, we hope to farrow many Mangalitsa-Berkshire piglets like the ones pictured above.

Loin of a Purebred Mangalitsa Sow

The crosses will have carcasses and growth rates somewhere between Berkshires and Mangalitsas, because carcass traits are highly heritable. If someone doesn't want to pay for the fat inherent in a Mangalitsa purchase (see above) or the high price of purebred Mangalitsa (due to their low profligacy), maybe he'll take a cross.


Stil said...

Beautiful pigs and great looking cuts of meat there!

Musiq Mayneack said...


i've been checking out your blog for a while now and i must say. it has a real down home - down to earth feel. i really like that!

you've inspired me to start my own blog. let me know what you think about it please! i'm must a newbie!

your fan,
Rusty J

Heath said...

Rusty - I look forward to checking out your blog.

But what is it about my blog that interests you? The meat stuff, or the pig stuff?

Also, have you tasted our pork? Some of the guys who comment here are customers. But others aren't.

Hayden said...

(De-lurking here! I found your link on Walter's Sugar Mountain farm blog, where I also lurk.)

I wish I were a customer, but living in the Bay area your product is currently not available to me. In 2009 I'm relocating back to Michigan (home) and hope to have a couple of hogs. I read because I'm excited by what you are doing and am studying different types of critters appropriate to a homestead.

I was thinking of guinea hogs, or maybe pot bellied pigs - in part because they're small, and as a woman it matters to me that they're reasonably easy to handle.

But as a life-long foodie I'm drooling at the images of meat you publish!

Heath said...


If you order from Planet Organics, you can get some of my shoulder bacon.

If you go here, you can order it. Just get the "Wooly Pork Shoulder Bacon".

You can see more about it here.

Hayden said...

Thanks! I've been eating Niman Ranch; I really look forward to trying your product!

Anonymous said...

How's about Portland? I go to Spokane at least once a year. We make our own prosciutto at the restaurant. Currently, we have a relationship with Square Peg Farms raising our own heirloom pigs but I've never tried Mangalitsa.

Anonymous said...





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