Friday, February 6, 2009

Cured Mangalitsa Products from The French Laundry

Devin Knell of The French Laundry sent me a bunch of cured products made from Red Mountain Farm's acorn-finished Mangalitsa pigs. I've got some bacon, cured loin and salami-like products.

Devin wants feedback so that he can improve his products.

I'd like to hold a small tasting event where we try the Mangalitsa products versus some products made from non-Mangalitsa pigs. There's not much, but I figure if you bring some stuff from other producers - particulary "artisanal" ones, there ought to be enough for a small snack.

If you are interested in this private event, please contact me. Due to the general scarcity of the stuff, I'm looking for people who are competent judges capable of giving Devin relevant feedback.

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