Monday, February 2, 2009

Wooly Pigs and Mangalitsa on "Eleventh Hour"

The Mangalitsa breed and Wooly Pigs (the company) got mentioned by the TV show "Eleventh Hour" recently .

When I watched the show, I learned:
  1. Mangalitsa pigs come from Hungary
  2. The pig's genetics make the Mangalitsa fat more unsaturated than normal pork.
  3. It is marbled - "it's like the Kobe beef of pork".
  4. Mangalitsa is very expensive and labor-intensive.
  5. Some people consider the Mangalitsa blood a delicacy.
  6. Restaurants have theft problems with Mangalitsa. To reduce the employee theft, they build refrigerators secured with card-key locks.
I'm astounded that they got all this stuff right - particularly the marbling compared to other breeds, and the higher levels of unsaturated fat.

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