Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Erno Hollo's First Litter

Dr. Erno Hollo (here's his veterinary clinic in Basking Ridge, NJ) just got his first litter of Swallow-Bellied Mangalitsa pigs out of his sow.

I'm relived he finally got some pigs from her. Although we think we shipped her to him bred, it seems she aborted.

I've written about him on this blog before. Here you can see some of his beautiful pigs.

The fear was that she'd gotten fat and barren. But then, after being rebred at Mosefund, she had 7 piglets.
Here's an article that mentions Dr. Hollo and Mosefund Farm, another much bigger farm, that also bought pigs from Heath Putnam Farms.

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Little Seed Farm said...

That's fantastic, glad she had a healthy litter. I was curious what method you use to tell if a sow's pregnant? I read you can look at the clit after a few weeks and if it's pointing up then she's bred. Also, if a sow aborted a litter would it not be obvious, or do pigs tend to "clean up" abortions themselves?