Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nancy Leson on Her Mangalitsa Pancetta

Some people told me they couldn't download and play the KPLU file, so I reencoded it and put it here.

KPLU, our local radio station, has an episode online of "Food for Thought" where Nancy Leson talks about how wonderful her Mangalitsa pancetta (made from our raw bellies) turned out.

She made it at the class put on by Heath Putnam Farms, Serious Pie (a Tom Douglas restaurant) and Slow Food Seattle.

Basically, she made what she thought was the best bacon ever. Not a surprise for those who know Mangalitsa.

If you want to buy our Mangalitsa bacon, I recommend Chef Shop: 1425 Elliot Ave W, Seattle. 206-286-9988

If you want to eat Mangalitsa pancetta, you might try some of the Serious Pie locations in Seattle. Ask your server if anything on the menu is made from our Mangalitsa pork; the Serious Pie menu changes regularly.

If you want to buy some Mangalitsa pancetta, I recommend Salumeria Biellese (make sure you ask for the Mangalitsa pancetta). They've bought tons (literally) of our bellies, turing them into pancetta. I haven't tried any, but the lardo they made from our fatback was fantastic.


jo said...

The bigger question is where can I buy mangalitsa belly?

Heath said...

As it says in the sidebar:

Our Mangalitsa is available in Seattle at Chef Shop: 1425 Elliot Ave W, Seattle, WA. Call 206-286-9988.

If you live near Auburn, WA though, you might as well just call me at 253-833-7591.