Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Need Hungarian Translation

There's an ominous looking news story involving some Mangalitsa pigs right here.

I'm not quite sure what the story is, and would appreciate if someone could supply a rough translation from Hungarian to English. From what I gather, the pig owner died and his Mangalitsa pigs ate him a bit. The cops are trying to figure out exactly what happened, but it is hard, because the pigs destroyed a lot of evidence.


Anonymous said...

I asked a Hungarian friend to translate and she said the police broke in to find the pig eating its owner. The police shot the pig. They were unsure whether the farmer was killed by the pig or already dead when the pig decided to have a snack.

Heath Putnam said...

Thanks very much for that translation!

I'm sorry the cops shot the pig; it was just doing what pigs do.

I think that's one of the reasons why people who raise pigs have little remorse about killing and eating the pigs - they know that the pigs would do the same without any remorse.

Anonymous said...

Full translation:

The man died-nobody knows why. The policemen found him ( Ordogh Andras 59) that way, his pigs were eating him. The policemen had to shot the 300 kg (approximateli 600 pounds ) animals because they started to attacked them when they went into the victim's house. Nobody know how could be happen

The neighbours were thinking something bad happened because thet didn't see the man around his house. One of them at least called the city hallt to look around the man is okay or not? The city gave call for the police.

The policemen couldn't count what they will see. The most brave cop have been sick too. When they opened into to the normal outlooks house they saw the body and the 3 pigs just eating from it. The pigs became wild and wanted to attack the cops so they killed them.

"It was wery stinky, my tears came out when we went into the room" - one of them said. " Andras ( the victim ) lied naked, the shoted pigs lied around him" - said Sandor the neighbour who thinks it is not a simple accident. The pigs never eat from living human. If the man was dead earlier what was the reason of his death? Had he got a heart attack? Or somebody killed him?

If it is a murder it's a perfect murder because the pigs made disapper every tracks. And the man never let the pigs go to the house. His room was messy,
even the closet too, the doors were close not let the pigs out from the house.

The man family - his 2 daughters and his mother in law - don't know the answer what happened and why. The police still working on this case.

You could see in The Hannibal and one other movie that killers often use pigs to eat the victims. Perhaps from this movies brought the idea if it really a murder happened. Maybe the killer could see this way won't be stay tracks- told Jozsefne Oroshazi kriminalpsichologyst. The big question is the man was dead or alive when somebody left him with the pigs? Perhaps somebody was enjoying the man has brutal pains. Or it was just a suddenly murder.

Charlotte said...

Reminds me of the HBO series Deadwood -- no wonder Al fed all his murder victims to the Chinamen's pigs ... no offense to the actual dead man, or his dead pigs ...

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