Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chef Conversation

I had a talk with Chef Weber from the Herbfarm. He has prepared and eaten a lot of Mangalitsa.

He's got more perspective than most chefs - he's eaten small Mangalitsas, big ones, old sows and just recently, a nearly 3-year old barrow. He said the meat from that was very dark and marbled.

It is neat to talk with him because he understands his guests and Mangalitsa.

He remarked that Mangalitsa has a very specific strong flavor that is totally different from the other pigs they've gotten in. Meat-type pigs, be they Berkshires, Tamworths, Durocs, triple-cross hybrids, all pretty much taste the same. The lean meat of a Mangalitsa has a very strong meaty flavor, which the other pigs don't have.

I remarked that some people eat Mangalitsa and meat-type pork side-by-side, and prefer the meat-type stuff, because it doesn't have a strong flavor. You see that with chocolate too - not everyone wants a 70% cocoa chocolate bar. Most Americans would rather just have milk chocolate.

l suspect that 3-year old pigs are probably too flavorful for most Americans.

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