Monday, September 20, 2010

Italian Gourmands on Mangalitsa Cured Products

I found this Italian web page discussing Mangalitsa ham. It says in translation (according to Google):
Salumi di Mangalica: Speck, Ossocollo e Spalletta affumicata Salami Mangalica: The breed of pig Mangalica originated in Hungary and has the characteristic of living in the wild and to be fed exclusively with sunflower seeds and tubers, and acorns. The ham Mangalitsa, is produced with meticulous care by a small artisan in San Daniele and is really special! The meat melts in your mouth and is unsaturated fat, like olive oil and is a great help to combat cholesterol Ham ... that competes with the Pata negra!
It is neat to see Italians saying Mangalitsa products are great, seeing as they've got their own Italian products to be proud of. Their own pigs have genetics that target the bottom and middle of the market, not the high end - which the Iberico and Mangalitsa dominate.

You can order your domestic Mangalitsa hams here - on the Johnston County Hams website.

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