Saturday, December 13, 2008

Herbfarm's Pigs

The pigs above weren't able to make it on their own. They got taken up to the house to get help.

When they recovered, it wasn't possible to put them back with the other pigs. They'd been gone too long, so there was fighting. They were pulled out and stuck by the house. Then they got big and started breaking out. That was nerve-wracking, because little pigs can get hurt easily - and these little pigs were practically pets, having been by the house for a few months.

Nobody wants pigs in front of the house forever, so I decided these ones had to go to The Herbfarm.

The Herbfarm's herd started with the pigs below, in a brand-new pen:

Now they've grown up. When I dropped the two new piglets off, they first batch of pigs came to see what was going on:
They've really grown, and they've completely altered their pen, removing all vegetation. They've also excavated a wallow, eaten the electric fence and broken some equipment that they buried the wallow.

When I put the new arrivals in, all the pigs got excited. The medium-sized pigs, who were weak and small a while ago, chased, bit and shoved the new arrivals. The big pigs crowded on the fence, sniffed and made a lot of noise:

The granddaughter of the herdsman cried when I took away her favorite piglets. We explained that she could visit the pigs in Woodinville, and that they'd have a nice and long life.

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