Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Texas Tech Pig Info

Feral Swine in Texas

There's some neat info from Texas Tech about Feral swine. They set up cameras to take photos of the (mostly) nocturnal animals, allowing them to see things that we'd otherwise miss. They also trapped a bunch of them. In Germany, the wild boar crisis is worse, because humans are feeding and protecting the swine.

Besides the feral swine, the Texas Tech website has some neat movies (part 1 and part 2) about a state of the art Texas pig farm in 1964. I'm not used to seeing Texans talk about pigs, which made the video a bit funny.

Modern pig technology isn't that different from their stuff in 1964. One obvious different: now they'd use AI. There's a page on current (as of 2002) sow housing written by Dr. McGlone, one of the USA's most respected hog experts.

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