Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hungarian Photos of Mangalitsa

Looking on the web, I found this neat page (Hungarian language) with the above photo of a Manglitsa. I hope Vanda or another helpful Magyar will tell us what's going on.

I'm skeptical that the pig was really 300kg (approx. 660 pounds). I really like how its folds of fat have mini folds of fat.

Below is a photo from flickr of someone's Mangalitsa fatback. You can see his other photos here.

Looking at the photos, it all seems a bit odd. If you don't know how good that fat tastes, it just looks gross. If you know how good it tastes, it makes your mouth water.


Vanda said...

The article is about a Thermal Spa in the town of Tiszafüred, by Lake Tisza.

The picture is to promote an event on December 27th, 2008. They were to butcher a 180 kg mangalitsa pig and have a sausage stuffing contest. Guests were welcome to put on an apron and pitch in. This was a "disznótoros" so the pig was made into various dishes right there. The menu included dishes of offal, meat, sausages, stuffed cabbage, fried blood with onions. Oh yeah, there was also "pálinka" a staple Hungarian brandy, distilled from fruit.

Apparently, this is tourist deal, for a set price you get 2 days in the hotel, meals, spa, disznótoros.

You know, you should take a disznótoros vacation in Hungary sometime.

Towards the end there is a quick rundown on the history of the mangalitsa. Interestingly, it says the the English word "bacon" originated from the Hungarian word "bakonyi." Bakony is a region of Hungari associated with mangalitsas. I have no idea it this is correct or they are just making it up. They add that the popular Pick salami was made exclusively from mangalitsa between 1869-1945.

Vanda said...

You might be interested in this article.

Vanda said...

One more thing. I found this very good English language article about the history of the mangalica.

By the way the second annual mangalica festival in Budapest is in the planning stages. There is a homepage though there is no content on it yet. May be worth keeping an eye on it.

Heath said...

Vanda, Thanks again for your comments. I'm very appreciative.

I think the idea of having a disznotoros at a spa is hilarious.I really should take a disznotoros vacation one day.

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