Friday, December 12, 2008

Translation Needed: Génbankban szűrik a mangalica-hamisítványt

If there's any Hungarian readers out there, I'd appreciate if you could tell me what this article is all about.

I heard a while ago the Hungarians were going to establish a Mangalitsa genebank. I suspect that's what is going on.


Vanda said...

The piece a bit on the fluff side. It's about the Minister of Agriculture making a visit to the mangalitsa gene bank, that has won a grant. Their goal is to do research and to guarantee that Hungarian mangalitsa remains top quality. They will also aim to screen out "fake" mangalitsas. The ariticle mentions doing research into the genetic background of the different breed variations.

Heath said...


Thanks very much for the information.

There's been some research into the different Mangalitsa types and their DNA.

The conclusion of that was in agreement with the history of the breed - the blonde came first, then the black and the red were created by crossing some other breeds with the blonde Mangalitsa.

I think it is interesting that Hungarians didn't question the legitimacy of the red and swallow-bellied Mangalitsa just because they weren't derived from the blonde. If they'd been rigid, they could have classified the new types as "fake".