Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mangalitsa Pigs Mentioned in NY Times

Some customers today told me that Mangalitsa got mentioned in the New York Times. I went online and searching, finding this.

Normally I'd spot this right away, but I was so busy this last week at the Herbfarm's Pigstock 2009 (a 3-day Mangalitsa workshop given by IGWOE's Christoph Wiesner), that I missed it.

Jill Santopietro's experience mirrors my own. After I compared some Mangalica salami with some "artisanal" American salami, I decided I needed to eat more. Because it was impossible to buy Mangalitsa pigs or pork (in the entire Western Hemisphere), I imported a herd from Europe. As the only breeder of Mangalitsa, I have a good sense of what people intend to do with Mangalitsa.

Hence, I expect that in 2010 we'll see Mangalitsa salami offered for sale. There are at least 3 small companies interested in producing Mangalitsa products. None of the three are very well-known, so you probably haven't heard of them yet.

I'm confident that if someone is going to use Mangalitsa pork, they'll probably do what it takes to make the right salami. Consumers who buy Mangalitsa salami in 2010 will probably be very satisfied.

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