Friday, December 11, 2009

Wooly Pigs Brand Bacon Available Online from Foods In Season

Food's in Season, in addition to selling you a variety of Mangalitsa products over the phone, now sells a limited selection of our Mangalitsa products online - specifically, jowl bacon, (belly) bacon and loin bacon. I've written about these bacons before.

Although the store is modest now, this is a very exciting thing for Wooly Pigs.

Finally, Americans who want to eat bacon from Mangalitsa pigs - the sort of pigs used by the most demanding chefs - can order it with a credit card from the privacy of their own homes. They don't have to talk to a person. They can just click and type a bit, and the Mangalitsa bacon will come, like magic.

It has taken years to get to this point - because to do this sort of thing and make it work, you've got to have sizable "pigflow" and processing to match. Wooly Pigs is finally producing enough Mangalitsa that we, together with Foods in Season, can make this work.

This is the first day the store's been up. It will be fun to watch things rapidly improve.

  • Right now, payment is handled through PayPal. Many people like using PayPal, because the merchant doesn't get your card info - but it makes it a bit more work to buy, and potentially confusing.
  • Right now, there's a limited selection of Mangalitsa products for sale. In the future, I expect that everything they sell over the phone (866-767-2464) will be available online - including our salami.
Of course, if you call a Foods in Season sales rep - 866-767-2464 - you can order from the full menu - bacon, lard, shoulder butts, boneless chops, loins, bellies, etc.

If you want Mangalitsa bacon sent to you, without having to talk to a person - you can order it online.

I'm so happy about this: Foods in Season, a gourmet purveyor with an excellent reputation, is running an online store - and its first products are made by Wooly Pigs.

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