Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Pig Food - Warwick, Rhode Island

I got a call today from Mr. Bucci of Warwick Ice Cream Company.

They've got a pallet of ice cream - 2000 pounds. It would make some pigs happy. It can't be fed to humans.

If you live near Warwick, RI and want to get some free ice cream for your pigs, call 401-263-3492. If you know someone who has pigs near Warwick, please let them know about this opportunity.

I've written about this phenomenon - the fact that pigs will eat things that people and animals won't eat, makes them very special. When raised on food waste, pigs are about as "sustainable" as it gets, and reduce incidence of disease and vermin.

Best of all, the pigs love to spend hours rooting through garbage to find the tasty bits - unlike, for example, goats - who are ridiculously fussy in comparison. Never send a goat to do a pig's job!

Bruce King, a Washington farmer, has some blog posts about feeding his pig food waste:
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