Monday, December 28, 2009

Pigs Love Meat

I've written before about pigs loving meat. E.g. wild boar fighting over carrion. And I've written about pigs being excellent recyclers.

Bruce King is putting all this into practice, feeding his pigs unwanted wild-caught pacific salmon.

I'm willing to bet that Bruce tried eating some of the salmon himself. It is looks hard to resist.

Bruce mentions:
... They like skin-on fillets better than the skin-off. They'll dig through a pile of fish and eat all of the salmon before they eat any of the other types of fish...
That's one funny thing about pigs and other animals. They've always got preferences. You can witness that behavior pretty much anytime you put down a variety of food - like Mangalitsa bacon. People will typically eat their favorite until it is gone, and then move on to their next favorite.


Anonymous said...

i do wonder about the taste of the fish fed pigs. in the early 80's you could buy either fish or corn fed chicken, and the latter had some taste issues...

Heath said...

Bruce isn't finishing pigs on fish. If you read his post, he says he' won't feed them fish in the last 3 months.

If he does that, there's no reason to think his pigs will taste fishy.