Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chris Shepherd

2010 is turning out to be a Mangalitsa year for Houston's Chris Shepherd.

Not only was he in New Jersey, where he learned how to slaughter and butcher Mangalitsa pigs from Christoph Wiesner, but he's prepared Mangalitsa pigs in Texas - and when he goes to Oklaholma, to compete in Cochon 555, he'll encounter Mangalitsa pork again, because, as described here, Chef Marc Dunham of The Ranchers Club:

will hold a nine-course meal at 7 p.m. in the student union, featuring local Berkshire and Mangalitsa pig breeds. For reservations, call (405) 744-2333. For tickets, go online to www.Cochon555.com.

It is very nice of Chef Dunham to make Chef Shepherd feel at home by serving him his Mangalitsa.


RevivalMeats said...

Chris is actually using one of Revival Meats' pigs to compete with, the following day.

Heath said...

That's really funny.

He might want to talk to Michael Clampffer - 201-289-0210. He competed with a Mangalitsa in New York. Just recently, he judged Cochon 555 in New York.

Also, I hope Chef Shepherd starts spelling Mangalitsa correctly. When I search on twitter, I've got to do two searches - one for Mangalitsa, and the other (with the his spelling) to find all of his tweets.

Of course, I don't want to be rude and correct his spelling - I'm as pleased as can be that he wants to make his mark with Mangalitsa pigs.

Marc Dunham said...

The dinner was delicious. Thanks for the pig Heath.