Friday, March 12, 2010

Momofuku and Mosefund

I was talking with Michael Clampffer of Mosefund yesterday and he mentioned that he'd sold some pork to Momofuku, a famous New York City restaurant.

I found this blog post that mentioned it:
If I had to describe this extra fatty pork, it would be "foie gras pork".

If I had to describe Mangalitsa, I'd call it, "pork that's actually worth eating."

There's so much hype about pork these days, but most of it isn't worth eating - and that includes "heritage breeds".

The reason Mangalitsa gets so much press is that it tastes fantastic. Other pork doesn't live up to whatever hype it has. Americans are used to ignoring food hype. When something is actually superior, it makes waves.

I think the fact that Mangalitsa is incomparably better than all other pork just shows how pathetic pork is now - you'd hope that some other pork would be somewhere close to Mangalitsa in eating quality. Unfortunately for consumers, there's no pork produced in the USA that isn't Mangalitsa that comes close to Mangalitsa in quality.

Hopefully Momofuku will serve Mangalitsa again some day.

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