Monday, March 29, 2010

DeBragga and Spitler Orders Wooly Pigs Brand Mangalitsa

DeBragga and Spitler ordered a bunch of our Mangalitsa products today: necks, sirloins, rib-loins, tenderloins and lard. You can see the specs of our cuts in this PDF.

DeBragga and Spitler is one of New York's most respected meat distributors. The person I've been dealing with at DeBragga is George Faison - co-founder (and former co-owner) of D'Artagnan and owner of DeBragga.

This means that select restaurants in New York ought to be able to get Wooly Pigs brand Mangalitsa very soon - perhaps late next week.


charcutier said...

Very nice! Congrats to Wooly Pigs and to NYC for what they can soon enjoy!

Heath said...

New Yorker's have been able to enjoy Mangalitsa from Mosefund for quite a while, but if it really comes to pass that chefs can just order Mangalitsa and it comes, that will be a milestone.