Monday, March 29, 2010

Sous Vide Tip

I have been using my sous vide oven more.

I'm pretty lazy about cooking and my fire alarm is hypersensitive, so I haven't been cooking things sous vide and then searing them. Normally I take it right out of the bag and eat the stuff hot, or dump it in a bowl and microwave it to make it warm.

I had some Mangalitsa jowl that I cooked sous vide for about 24 hours at 65C. I figured I might as well sear it once.

I got my frying pan really hot and put some slices of the jowl in the pan. It seared and smoked up the room. My two fire alarms went off for multiple minutes. I had to air out the whole place.

Nevertheless, it was worth it. The searing makes the outside tougher and adds flavor. The combination of a crisp outer shell and a soft interior is a bit like deep fried food. It was really great.

I don't have photos, because I ate it. It looked a bit like this.

So my tip is, if you've cooked something sous vide, you might as well try searing it.

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