Saturday, October 22, 2011

Monsoon's Mangalitsa Neck, Dr Mike and Mary Dan Eades & Kevin Crossman

I had a neat dinner Wednesday night with Dr. Mike Eades, Dr. Mary Dan Eades and Kevin Crossman at Monsoon on Seattle's Capitol Hill.

We all chose the Mangalitsa neck, of course. That's a favorite cut of the Eadeses. Both Mike and Mary Dan know Mangalitsa inside and out.

Kevin and I were planning to do some aerial acrobatics Wednesday night, but then Mike emailed me that he'd be in town, and wanted to know if we could get Mangalitsa neck at Monsoon.*

Kevin was happy to join us. He's a paleo athlete, world-class stairclimber and big fan of the Eadeses.

It was great fun. The Mangalitsa neck was awesome!

* I was tasked with making sure that indeed, the Mangalitsa would be on the menu, because had it not been on the menu, we would have eaten somewhere else.

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