Monday, October 17, 2011

Swallow-Bellied Mangalitsa Pigs in the News

I found this Mangalitsa-related article today - a chef is buying pigs for a special dinner from my customer Dan Hiday. I'm happy to see Mangalitsas getting the respect they deserve.

It is too bad the journalist misspelled Mangalitsa.

I really wonder what these pigs would think if they knew how incredible they taste, and in what high regard quality-sensitive Americans hold them. To think that they get written up in the paper - yet they are only pigs. There's plenty of humans who won't ever make the paper.

My own understanding of pigs tells me that if they knew there was some really great food out there, they'd want to eat it. Even if it meant consuming other pigs.* Such is the Way of the Pig.

* pigs are eager cannibals. They'll eat their babies if they feel like it. They'll eat each other alive.

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