Monday, December 31, 2007

Feedback from a German Customer

We got some positive feedback from a German customer today. It was very nice to get her report:
... I wanted to let you know just how much I have enjoyed the
pork. Today for lunch (just like in Germany) we had some of
the most wonderful pork chops I have tasted in a very, very
long time. Even the fat tasted good, and after cooking it, my
little old house even smelled good. Usually when I cook
store-bought pork, my house smells rather unpleasant for days
after cooking it (I don't have an exhaust in my kitchen), but
today the little that lingered was nice.

I also gave some ham to my friends in Deer Park for Christmas,
and they loved it... Before this year is over, I wanted to
let you know that the chops and the ham were exquisite!!!!!
Thank you for doing what you do.

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