Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our Hams are Ready to Eat

I got an email from a customer today about her pork. She said she loved her pork chop, but that the ham was too dry. That really threw me for a loop. Many people who've eaten our ham have said it is the best ham they've ever had.

A few questions later, I discovered that she'd cooked her ham, because she figured it needed cooking. That's a mistake!

As the USDA explains, you have to read the label to know whether or not you need to cook the ham:
"Hams that must be cooked will bear cooking instructions and safe handling instructions."
"Hams that are not ready to eat, but have the appearance of ready-to-eat products, will bear a prominent statement on the principal display panel indicating the product needs cooking, e.g., 'cook thoroughly.' In addition, the label must bear cooking directions."
I don't cook my ham. I typically put a slice of bacon in the frying pan, render some fat and then put the ham in. I brown it a bit, then get it out of the pan and eat it.

Or I take the ham out of the package, warm it a bit, and eat it - like in a sandwich.

Another guy I know puts some sauce on it, then roasts it a bit - but he doesn't cook it - because then it would be too dry.


Anonymous said...

How is your ham prepared?


Heath Putnam said...

rps - I don't know exactly what our processor (Wood's Meat Processing Inc) does to produce it.

The ingredients include sugar and nitrite.

What specifically do you want to know? The next time I talk to them, I'll ask them your question.

Anonymous said...





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