Monday, October 12, 2009

UrbanDaddy on Mangalitsa in SF

UrbanDaddy has a post on the debut of Mangalitsa pork in SF (codename Operation Porcupine).

Unfortunately, the Urban Daddy post doesn't mention Wooly Pigs, the company responsible for the phenomenon - and as the maps show, Mangalitsa is a nationwide food phenomenon. I heard the email they sent to subscribers include this information.

Also, UrbanDaddy has a photo of a scary pig (not a Mangalitsa) on their front page.

Nevertheless, so long as people find out about Mangalitsa, and are curious enough to try it, I'm happy.

I got off the phone with Brian at Frascati about how the Mangalitsa belly went over this weekend. He explained that they served a 3oz portion of roasted Mangalitsa belly, with bread. The dish was an appetizer. The idea of the bread was that you could clean up all the fat with it -- which the customers did. They sold out quickly. The plates came back to the kitchen clean.

Note: Frascati says they'll have the belly on again this weekend. If you want to eat it sooner, you might try this SubCulture Dining Event. They'll have a second one with the leftovers.

There's other places that have ordered Mangalitsa too.

Also if you live near Seattle and want to eat Mangalitsa, I suggest you try Nell's or Monsoon. Nells will have a nice purebred Mangalitsa chop. Monsoon has Mangalitsa-sired pork (50% Mangalitsa genetics) at either Capitol Hill or Bellevue -- you better call them if you want to ensure availability.

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