Monday, June 15, 2009

Triple-S Farms in Illinois (Stan Schutte)

Stan Schutte of Triple-S Farms bought some Mangalitsa pigs a while back. He sells a lot of meat in Chicago. Here's some media references I found:
Stan Schutte's Triple S Farms in Stewardson shows off the benefits of going organic

Schutte's Sustainable Success

Chicago Reader on Schutte

Laurence Mate blogged about his Mangalitsa market hogs (75% Mangalitsa), including a nice photograph. I wonder who those special customers are:
Unfortunately, none of this Mangalitsa will be making it to the local market yet. These pigs have all been purchased in advance, and their owners are planning to come down to Stan’s farm in the fall In the fall, with a group of interested chefs, to slaughter, butcher, and start cooking and curing these pigs right there on the farm...


Larbo said...

Thanks for the tip about google books, Heath! I don't use it nearly enough, and I'm old-fashioned enough that I acquired my own hardcopy of Swine in America to curl up with at night. I love the illustrations!

As for who's going to get to eat Stan Schutte's mangalitsas, I recall that two were going to the head of Slow Food Chicago, two to a director of a culinary school up there, and the last two to restaurant chefs. If I show up on butchering day, I'm hoping some scraps will be tossed my way.

If you're ever working at the Seattle market, send my regards to Kathy Egawa who is a big fan of your pork and who turned me on to your great website!

Heath said...

You are welcome!

Do you know the two restaurants in Chicago that will get the pigs?

If I were you, I would be hoping to get the head. My favorite muscle is the masseter.

Although organs aren't typically sought after, there are a bunch of delicious dishes made from them - e.g. whipped lard with liver in it. I suggest you contact Michael Clampffer - about them

I don't know Kathy Egawa by name. I hope she'll introduce herself to me.