Saturday, June 6, 2009

Michigan Mangalitsa Pig Slaughter

Mark Baker (Bakers Green Acres) killed one of their Mangalitsa pigs for a customer in Ann Arbor who ordered one. They sent me some pictures that show much of the process.

Mark with the bell scrapers.
The dual-purpose cauldron. Used to scald pigs and also cook up food to feed them.

Mark is a state-licensed slaughterer and processor, so he can kill pigs for people who want to buy them.

Because he does the kill on the farm, he's able to arrange everything so that the animals are minimally stressed. That ensures the meat is of the highest quality, in addition to making it easier on the pig, who doesn't have to be loaded on a truck and sent away to slaughter.

Ready for the Ann Arbor pig roast!

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