Friday, June 12, 2009

Wild Boar Documentary

German TV made a documentary about wild boar. I've written about wild boar before. In this video clip below, you can see a sow stealing carrion from a boar. She manages to make off with some of the meat without getting bit:

Pigs love meat.

When the females are in heat, the boars focus on the females, not the food. When they aren't in heat, the pecking order decides who gets the good stuff.

Domesticated pigs like the Mangalitsa behave the similarly. The little guys try to get a piece of the good stuff (in this case, a bag). The big guys normally get what they want, without much fighting:

If you watch the video of the boar eating, you'll see that he steps on his food and pulls with his head. Pigs don't have hands, so that's how they eat. The same happens in this video:

Here's some scared wild boar running from humans:

I think these Mangalitsa pigs run a lot slower, perhaps because they are so fat:

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