Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More "Mangalica" PR

Hungarian stamp honoring the Mangalitsa breed.

As I mentioned before, LaTienda is marketing "Jamon Mangalica".

They have a new press release, which, in addition to making claims I've already discussed, says that "Mangalica" is pronounced "mahn-gah-lee-kah".

In Hungarian, the "c" sounds like "ts" - so the Hungarian spelling "Mangalica" sounds like the English spelling "Mangalitsa". You either choose the Hungarian spelling or the American spelling. Each has its tradeoffs - but they both sound the same.

I'm happy La Tienda will be promoting Mangalitsa products (although I've got some reservations), because the more they promote the breed, the more it will help Wooly Pigs and other American producers to sell our Mangalitsa.

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